© Chrisila Maida

Chrisila is a Brooklyn-based designer, illustrator, and writer with a love of storytelling, and odd characters.


She graduated from Parsons School for Design in 2016 with a dual BFA in Illustration and BA in Writing.


Currently, she is an Assistant Designer at HarperCollins Children's Books, where she gets to work on the books she fell in love with as a child.


When that work day is done, the coffee is turned on and the freelance illustration begins. This includes all the work throughout this website, an odd fictional travel diary project, some illustrated postmodernism about a woman in love with her books and plants, and rambling paintings about how a woman combats writers' block (by sleeping on bicycles, sticking her feet in cakes - the usual methods). Most recently, she completed a picture book dummy about a fancy bear and his clumsy granddaughter, which you can download a PDF of below.